Our regular monthly meetings

Monthly meetings 

Our informal monthly meetings of LGBT Walnut take place between 2pm and 4pm, and normally on the third Saturday of each month, at: 

METRO Vauxhall, 
N206 Vox Studios, 
1-45 Durham Street, 
London, SE11 5JH

See below for meeting dates.

What are our meetings like? 

Our meetings are whatever you want them to be (within reason, of course). Numbers vary from month to month with between about 10 and 20 men coming along. Some months we have a guest speaker for part of the meeting but the emphasis is always on you being able to talk about what's going on with you and for you to get support from other group members. We try to "tell it like it is" based on our own personal experience of prostate cancer. As we're all different it's likely you'll hear different experiences. People invariably mention things they've read about prostate cancer or its treatments, but we encourage everyone to keep it personal rather than focus on general information. 

We provide some snacks and tea and coffee. You can just turn up at a meeting but it's always best to contact us first so we can make sure you know how to find us and that the group is going to be what you're looking for and so we can ensure that we have sufficient space for all attendees.


During the Coronavirus outbreak all face-to-face meetings have been cancelled.  We are arranging on-line video meetings and also offering one-to-one phone buddying. 

Contact us to find out more.

We will update this page when we can resume face-to-face meetings.

Provisional meeting dates (subject to modification to restrictions on social distancing)

Saturday 16 May 
Saturday 20 June 
Saturday 18 July 
Saturday 15 August 
Saturday 19 September 
Saturday 17 October 
Saturday 21 November 
Saturday 11 December

Saturday 16 January 
Saturday 20 February (7 year anniversary) 
Saturday 20 March

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